The Best Trails for Mountain Biking In the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees have risen to a choice location for mountain biking over the years, casting out the shadows of the Alps and making a name for it. The massive variety of bumpy terrain and the availability of world-class holiday facility place the location on the map of the best biking locations in the world. You will not only enjoy biking through the breathtaking beauty of the Basque country in the west, but you will also have the opportunity to take on the dry, dusty downhill tracks of Andorra’s bike parks in the east of the Pyrenees and the rough trails in the backcountry Pyrenees.

The mountains in the Pyrenees are about 430km up from the Atlantic in the west to the Mediterranean in the east; this forms a natural border between Spain and France. You will enjoy some fantastic peaks and mountain valleys around the Parc National Des Pyrenees. This park is in about 150 km south west of the most significant city in the region, Toulouse. You can get towards the Vallee d’ Ase using the pau. Or visit the smaller pilgrimage city Lourdes, which once hosted the first round of the 2015 UCI Downhill world cup.

Here are some of the best biking trails in the Pyrenees:

Pyrénées Orientales Mountain Biking

Cross-country biking

This place is the meeting point between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. You will enjoy some of the best biking in the terrains of the eastern Pyrenees. You can head down to the inland from the coast by Perpignan where you will find the hills and the mountains. You can start at sea level to almost 2700 meter where you will find mountain resorts like the Les Angles. These resorts are put together in the summer for mountain bikers who may need assistance across the hills.

If you love cross-country biking, then you should check out the Pyrenees Catalanes area which offers a 690km of way-marked trail through fantastic scenery. There is also a trail here for family cyclists; there is a group of proper and maintained “Voie Verte’ trail that runs through canal banks and quiet tracks.

Mountain Biking In Les Angles

Mountain Biking In Les Angles

Les Angles is a little bike park that is located in a beautiful setting that has a large selection of different runs perfect for those who are starting out and want to explore the mountains. There is 50km of well-maintained trails that cut across 500m of vertical drop. There are five downhill tracks you can choose from; these include a couple of fast and flowy runs that have plenty jumps and bumpy corners, a technical black trail and single track run that is red-graded. You will also find two endure trails, and a North-shore section.

Ariège Mountain Biking

Another place that is less populated with the most unspoiled parts is the department of Ariege. This area is located in the south area of France it is known as the Midi-Pyrenees and borders Spain and Andorra. You can access the very high and large mountains easily through safe roads. You will find hundreds of kilometers trails that will allow you to move deep into the beautiful back country of the  Pyrenees.