Safe Bike Helmets for Your Ride

Bike helmets function as a protection for your head. Top cycling helmets have unique features such as lightweight, ventilation allowance, retention capacity, aerodynamic functionality and more. The best bike helmets come equipped with a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). In the case of certain crashes, the MIPS liner incorporated within helmets serves as an additional layer of low friction that reduces the effect of rotational forces on the brain by absorbing and redirecting the impact. We’ve put together some of our favorite bike helmets below.

1. Kask Protone Helmet

Kask Protone Helmet

The Kask Protone consolidates the power of aero helmets and the comfort of lightweight climbing lids in a single spectacular bundle. Its impressive ventilation, comfortable fit and leather chinstrap makes this bike helmet suitable for particularly on hot days.

2. Bell Zephyr MIPS

A more streamlined-looking Bell helmet, the Zephyr MIPS comes with washable X-Static pads and an adjustable dial retention framework that offers a more comfortable fit. With its many vents and an astute sweat catcher at the front, this is a choice helmet for individuals who get sweat-soaked on the climbs.

3. Kask Mojito

This is among the best cycling helmets once used by “Team Sky” in their Tour de France victory ride by Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. Where aero functionality is not a key criterion, the Mojito is a superb lid, especially for a budget buy.

4. Giro Synthe MIPS

Giro Synthe MIPS

This is a popular aero helmet among some World Tour pro teams. Well ventilated to serve even on over 30ºC hot days, the Giro Synthe has an impressive fit with an adjustable rear dial that secures it in place. This aero road helmet has a speedy shape, good ventilation, sleek design and is lightweight. The Cinder MIPS and Ember MIPS (for women) retains the Synthe’s functionality but are substantially heavier.

5. Bontrager Ballista

This is a popular bike helmet – Jens Voigt used it during his famous Hour Record tilt. It’s a pro-level lid that boasts extraordinary aerodynamic functionality, optimum ventilation, and a free flush feel.

6. Specialized Airnet

The Specialized Airnet helmet is an incredible choice for those hoping to get a new aero lid without puncturing their pockets. With an impressive performance, noteworthy breathability, adequate vents, and a comfortable fit, Airnet combines the best of both aero and traditional helmets at a competitive price.

7. Bell Stratus MIPs

Bell Stratus MIPs

This cycling helmet is a worthy contender with lots of incredible features at a fraction of the cost of similar products. It feels very cool with 18 vents and the fit is wonderful.

8. MET Trenta 3K Carbon

With up to 19 vents, the Trenta’s shell is an amazing merger of traditional vented helmets and aero lids. It boasts lightweight, incredible looks, slim profile, and excellent fit.

9. Bontrager Velocis

With an extremely lightweight, adequate venting and great looks, the Bontrager Velocis is a commendable contender with similarly valued helmets. Its removable, antimicrobial pads are great for hot days with sweaty rides. Interestingly, the Velocis comes with a one-year crash replacement policy.

10. Lazer Tonic

The Lazer Tonic is a budget-friendly road helmet that looks and feels good with removable sweat pads, easy-to-use dial, and an adjustable rear cradle. Its interior channeling allows for ample ventilation and probably makes it somewhat lighter. The 29 vents bolster the free flow of air and serve as a pocket for your shades.