Popular bicycle racing competitions

During the cold season, everyone is starting to prepare for the upcoming bicycle race season. People are getting ready to show how good they can be in cycling and how fit they got, while others train to achieve their goal of competing and winning world-famous bicycle racing competitions. 

You might not think that cycling is as popular as other famous sport – tennis, but it is true regarding numbers received from televised tennis matches and cycling races. We present you top-notch bicycle races that are held every year and are incredible to watch and compete in. 

Paris – Rouen

The first race was organized in November 1869. It was astonishing due to the fact that it was every first race which track was joined in within 2 cities. There were 120 participants who competed for the prize but only one came through and won. James Moore was the first English man to take the prize for his dedication of covering over 120 kilometres in ten hours! It then was satisfaction for spectators and competitors as it started the bicycle racing mania. 

Tour de France

It is the most televised cycling competition every year, it attracts millions of viewers and it is so popular that its name has spread globally. Sporting video games companies are creating games with the name of Tour de France and are distributing their game to every cycling lover. 
The first race was held in 1903 and it was held every year since then. The distance is shocking – over 3,400 kilometres! It is calculated that it is possible to cover this kind of route in more than twenty days. There are only five bicycle drivers in the world who managed to legally win the competition.

Giro D’Italia

Giro D’Italia was firstly run in 1909 and it was held only because of their aim to promote the daily newspaper of sport in Italy. With its success, the race became one of the hardest cycling races to win, apart from Tour de France. It does not have a specific route which is always fixed. The race is usually organized in May or in the middle of June. Race’s plan is always to last around twenty-three days but sometimes it takes much longer due to the unassessed risks. Only three people hold the record of winning the race five times in total and they are Fausto Coppi, Eddy Merckx and Alfredo Binda.

Tour de Suisse

The most popular and well-known bicycle race is the Tour de Suisse. Its past goes way back to the year 1933. At that year, the first race of Tour de Suisse was organized, and it was won by a cyclist from Austria, Max Bulla. Nowadays, the race is known as a ‘training’ ground for those who want to compete at Tour de France, and it is one of the best cycling races to see if you are really worth and prepared for the bigger challenge. Pasquale Fornara, an Italian man who managed to win the competition 4 times is now the race’s record holder and its honourable member.

Tour de Suisse
Tour de Suisse