Mountain Bikes to Look Out for in 2018

Nothing beats a ride on a great mountain bike. The greatest mountain bikes come with unique features, design, and at good budgets. This list covers the top mountain bikes for time-trial laps, including trail-tempering hard tails, aggressive enduro rigs, and multi-purpose full-suspension trail bikes.

Santa Cruz Nomad R 2018 – Best Enduro Descender

Built for terrifying high speeds and rough steep trails, the 2018 Santa Cruz Nomad V4 is a classic long-travel bike with 170mm rear travel and adjustable geometry. Although its uphill performance is less than impressive, its downhill capability is spectacular. This sharp and confident high-speed handling bike is suitable for the skilled and adventurous.

Devinci Spartan Carbon GX Eagle – Best Light-Weight Enduro Bike

The 2018 Devinci Spartan Carbon GX Eagle is a 165mm travel enduro rocket. The 27.5-inch wheels Devinci is armed with an ultra-light responsive full carbon frame, Split-Pivot suspension and RockShox’s Super Deluxe RC3 trunnion-mount shock to allow for spectacularly smooth descents and grand stability at speed.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Alloy 50 2018 – Best Budget Aggressive Trail Bike

The Rocky Mountain Altitude Alloy 50 is a well-rounded aggressive trail bike. With 27.5-inch wheels and 150mm rear travel capacity, this aluminum framed bike can maneuver climbs with the skills of a short travel trail bike. It’s Smoothlink suspension design fully utilizes all pedaling efforts. Although heavy and shaken by enduro-grade burly terrains, it is an excellent stable climber and a confident descender. Its high-quality build, dialed geometry, wide rubber and impressive components make it a great budget bike.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE 2018 – Best Mountain Bike for Challenging Terrains

The 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT is grounded for everyday rips yet efficient for aggressive enduro rigs. This bike can withstand strong impacts with impressive poise. It’s great for long or short climbs with aggressive descents. Its 29-inch wheels and 150mm rear travel mountain bike is especially good for skilled bikers determined to tackle the most technical terrains.

Juliana Furtado R 2018 – Best Women’s Trail Bike

The versatile nature of the 2018 Juliana Furtado makes for a well-balanced and fun-filled ride. Its cockpit sets you up in a comfortable yet aggressive stance, ready to attack the trail. This bike is a comfortable climber and stellar descender with superb high-speed performance. Its dialed suspension design comes with a carbon fiber frame and spot-on geometry. The 27.5inch wheels and 130mm rear travel capacity makes this mountain bike a solid speedy climber and a fun confident descender.

Santa Cruz Hightower C R 2018 – Best Multi-Trail Bike

The 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower is a do-it-all bike for aggressive riders and a light duty option for regular enduro rides. With an excellent frame, 29-inch wheels and 135mm rear travel capacity, it is suitable for flow trails and adequately grounded for enduro-light terrains. The Hightower’s comfortable neutral cockpit allows for a good use of a smooth pedal platform. Perfect for pleasantly calm climbs, it will make a rowdy ride down the hill.

Ibis Ripley LS NX 2018 – Best Jolly Trail Bike

The 2018 Ibis Ripley LS is hands-down the most fun bike around. Its 29-inch wheels enable a Velcro-like grip and surprisingly sprightly pedaling. The sharp handling is great for a fun confident ride. Its dialed suspension design allows for 120mm lively rides down the hill. The Ripley LS is nimble, sporty and confident, best for riders who enjoy various types of trails but avoid the super-rough ones.