How to Stay Safe While Cycling on the Road

In most major cities around the world you can cycle on the street and feel safe as there are designated lanes and drivers respect the cyclists. However, as cautious as you can be there are always risks involved in riding a bike on the road. There are many things that you can do to stay safe on road and a lot of tips that people have compiled to make sure that all fellow riders are safe while out on the roads.

Observe Cycling Safety and Highway Rules

Get your handlebar and always have your helmet on as well as other protective gears. Also, ensure that your bike is roadworthy before you go on a ride. Get a mirror so that you can see your surroundings always. Driving on the road you’re expected to learn and understand the rules of using the highway. Don’t attempt to beat red lights, ride against traffic or cycle on the pavement unless it’s a designated bicycle path. Be sure to look in your mirror when approaching an intersection. Don’t use headphones or your mobile phone.

Make Eye Contact

There is the chance of colliding with motorists or pedestrians coming out of a side street, parking lot, or driveway. Always make eye contact with other road users, especially at junctions, to ensure that you can be seen.

Get a Headlight & Reflective Clothing

Always use a bright white front headlight with flashing mode when riding at night. It can also be flashed at motorists who might otherwise Right Cross you when riding in the daytime. It’s required by law, anyway. A headlamp mounted on your head or helmet is the best because it further ensures that other pedestrians and drivers see your light. Consider wearing bright or reflective clothing, especially in bad weather and in towns, at night.

Wave, Yell and Honk

When unsure that a driver can see you, wave your arm. Your arm going left and right catches people’s attention. Yelling or using a bell or loud horn can also get the attention of other road users. You may feel it’s awkward waving or yelling, but which is better: feeling embarrassed or getting hit?

Avoid Busy Streets and Slow down

The slower a car is going, the greater the chances of the driver seeing you. Drive slowly — especially in a bad weather or at night — so that you can easily stop if you must. Going fast is bad in wet weather as the slippery surface makes it harder for you to quickly stop.

Don’t Assume a Vehicles Direction

Learn how to read signals from other road users. Don’t just assume the vehicle is going straight ahead simply because it isn’t signaling right. Always avoid ‘undertaking’ any vehicle in this situation — it’s better to hang back until the vehicle has moved away.

Ride in a Position Where you can See and Be Seen.

Your actual lane position depends on road conditions. On fast roadways with few cross streets (and less chance of getting hit at intersections), you should ride farther right. On slow roads with many cross streets, you should ride farther left. Signal clearly always. We hope that these tips will help you to stay safe on the road and keep you away from danger.

Enjoy the ride!