How to Get Your Kids into Mountain Biking

If you enjoy mountain biking it is a fair bet that you will want to encourage your kids to enjoy the sport as well.

It is a really good activity for kids to get involved with, not only on the physical exercise side of things but it also helps to boost confidence and of course get them out in the big outdoors. The big question is how to involve your kids in the sport you love so that they feel relaxed and at ease? And what do you do to put them at ease if they cannot immediately grasp the concept?

Talk to Them

It might seem really obvious, but you need to constantly talk to your kids and see what really interests them. See if their friends would also like to go mountain biking and take them along as well. Having a pal of the same age will encourage your kids to enjoy learning, but the golden rule is don’t push them into something that they do not want to do.

Find the Right Bike

At first your implications may be to buy a bike that will last your kid for a good few years, but it is most important that you buy a bike that fits your child’s body perfectly. If your child is particularly small, then opt for a bike that you can alter the height of the handlebars and seat so your kid can keep the bike for a couple of years. Whatever you do make sure that your kid feels comfortable on the bike, and it not a good idea to force your kid on a bike that does not suit his body as it can be dangerous. A good idea is to visit your local bike shop and let your kid try a few different bikes out, listen to the advice the store owner gives as he will know exactly what sort of bike will suit your kid the best.

Right Bike
Right Bike

Getting Started

Most people who enjoy mountain biking do so for the adrenaline rush and the excitement, and you probably want you kids to experience the very same. However, this takes time and your kids need to be gradually taught the basics before they go flying down a hill. The first thing you must work on is their balance and how they should position their body, this is best done on flat ground where they cannot come into any harm. Start slowly introducing small objects such as flat rocks and small pieces of timber that can act as obstacles. Encourage your kids to ride over them, keeping their balance and control of the bike. Later you can add cones and set out a course on flat ground that will test their steering and introduce them to tight turns. This should all be done at your own kids’ pace so that they feel comfortable and do not panic. Take your time when you teach your kids your favorite sport, let them see the passion that you have and hopefully they too will learn to love it.