Great Trails for Mountain Biking Throughout Europe

Mountain biking is a popular and exciting summer pursuit for many reasons. Not only is it an excellent opportunity for a great workout, it allows you to explore unfamiliar places and beautiful scenery while on it. Read more for some great trails for mountain biking throughout Europe.

Finale, Italy

This is one of the greatest trails for mountain biking in Europe. Situated in the heart of the Italian Riviera, Finale has a large network of trails that leads right down to the coast. The trails were once used for a round of the Enduro World Series. The bike park has, lots to offer and there are many tour companies to help you find the best trails.

Madeira, Portugal

Located off Africa’s northwest coast, Madeira is a popular volcanic island with warm, subtropical climate and a laid-back vibe. The island is great for adventurous riders with exotic trails along the volcanic, green and rugged landscape, high cliffs, and pebbly beaches. The beautiful trails are better explored under the guidance of local tour companies.

Malaga, Spain

Located on Spain’s southern coast, this is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Europe. Among its regular visitors are famous riders from many cycling disciplines who spend quality time there. The trails are dry and dusty with plenty of steep descents for downhill riders. It got it all from sand to lose rocks and hard-pack switch-backs, so you can’t get bored riding through the terrain. It’s ideal for amazing quiet solo rides in winter.

Winterberg, Germany

This is one of the best trails for a free-ride on a summer weekend. It is a popular destination for mountain bikers. There’s barely a couple of chairlifts here. You can have access to some of the most well-maintained and innovative terrains in the world and even a 9km free-ride bike park.

Seven Stanes, Glentress, Scotland

This network of resorts and riding areas is one of the great trails for mountain biking in Europe. The outdoor sculptures, “stones”, are found at the end of each trail. These beautiful trails have beginner options to cater to those new to biking and offer areas to practice your biking skills.

Reschen Pass to Merano, Italy

This is a great mountain biking trail in South-Tyrol, Italy. It begins at Reschen Pass and ends up at Merano. The 50 miles trail surrounded by the Alps is almost entirely downhill with breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the view as you ride past placid lakes, apple orchards, and quaint villages. The trail which ends in Merano (a spa town) ensures adequate relaxation at the end of a long ride.

Gran Canaria, Spain

This biking trail is situated off Africa’s west coast. It boasts long, epic and some unexplored trails with 325 days of sunshine per year, making it an ideal mountain biking location for a winter ride in Europe. Some terrains are challenging and demand a high level of fitness. There are guided tours and vans to hire with friends to do shuttle runs. It is very sunny in the south of the island giving it a dry and dusty biking trail.