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Essential Gear for Biking In the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are down south; you will have to get past the Alps. The Pyrenees have a climate that is slightly warmer and drier than what you will find in the Alps. However, winter hits hard at the Pyrenees due to the mountain ranges and high altitude. The lowlands at the base are usually temperate for most periods of the year. The weather is suitable for hiking, biking and camping activities. Are you planning on going on a biking trip to the Pyrenees? Come on board as we help you prepare for your trip.  Bikers visit this region in their numbers year in the quest to explore the area. Some many biking tours happen here, so you can as well call this place a haven for bikes.

Here are the essential gears you must have for a memorable bike trip to the Pyrenees:

A Bike

This is the first on the list; there can’t be a biking trip without a rugged bike.

Bike Helmet

The helmet is mandatory; there may not be comfy while you cycle but you need them for your safety.

Bike Tires

You need to pack the right set of tires for your trip. Make sure you go through the specifications of the tires to help you make the right choice.​

Torch Lights

You need lights in case you want to cycle early in the morning, through a tunnel in a foggy day.

​High Visibility Clothing

You need to always be on the right set of dresses throughout your tour. You need you get clothes that are waterproof and windproof to protect you while you cycle.

Water Bottles

You need at least two of these; you can fit them to your bike.

Bike Bag or Pannier

You should pack your bike bag for you need it to carry your lunch, snacks, spare inner tube and other personal effects.

​Maintenance Kit

You need a maintenance kit to carry your multi-tool box, spare parts for your bike, tire levers, adjustable spanner in case of a repair emergency.

Padded Cycle Shorts

You will need a pair of these to help you feel comfy while you cycle away. Try not to but the cheap pair as they can rub and feel uncomfortable.

Cycle Tops

Cycle tops are designed to mop the sweat away from your body, keep you warm or cold depending on what you want- you will need a pair.​

Sunglasses/Cycle Glasses

These will protect your eyes from squinting, and dive-bombing insects that can ruin your sight.​

​Bike Locks

You should get a pair of bike locks to keep your bike safe at night and when you want to park it at a place and take a walk.

Power Packs

You need power packs to keep your devices like your phone, camera, Garmin charged all through the day while you cycle.

Cycle Shoes

You need a pair of cycle shoes. You can go for cleats which can help increase your efficiency while you cycle, cleats help you push up and down and are nice when you finally get used to wearing them.