Best Bike Trails in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to bike around in, with scenic vistas all around whether biking near the coast or in the mountains. The Pirenexus is one of these routes that is found in Spain and partly in France. The bike path does pass through the spectacular Pyrenees Mountains, and has good sign posts so you are unlikely to lose your way. The Andalusia route stretches an impressive distance of 1700 kilometers. It traverses the country from north to south, starting in the city of Girona found in the northeast Catalonia region of Spain. The route ends in the Andalusia provinces of the southern regions of Spain.

Best Bike Trails

If you are a bit of a history buff and want to see historical monuments and buildings such as castles, monasteries and churches then the trail for you to take is the El Cid bike trail. This bike route is 1000 km in length and passes several historical buildings on the way which means you can stop off and visit them on the way. The trail extends from the city of Burgos in the north to Valencia on the southern coast of Spain.

Another historic route is the west to eastward bike trail, the Camino de Santiago. Prehistoric buildings can be seen on this route which ends at a monastery. This 800 km trail was actually a Christian pilgrimage route. Much of the surrounding villages and country remain unchanged from ancient times. If instead of being interested in history, you are interested in nature, then the best option is to explore the Vias Verdes. These trails are old railway tracks that are no longer in use and have been instead converted into natural green zones. What is also great about the Vias Verdes is that only bicycles are allowed, no motorized vehicles at all, not even mopeds are allowed. This means it is a very nice safe option for a bike ride. The Vias Verdes are over 100 trails that are found throughout the country.

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For a very challenging bike trail akin to the famous Tour de France, you can ride the Vuelta route. This challenging course is used for the Vuelta bike race, but if you are very fit and like a good workout then you can ride this same route.

The Silver route is a bike trail that extends from the western side of Spain, from Sevilla to the south where it ends in Santiago. The route is 1000 km long and passes through several landscapes. It passes through the Extremadura region which has mountains, lakes, forests and nature reserves. If you are a nature enthusiast you can ride this route and camp in some of the reserves along the way. The Costa Brava is a nice 37 kilometer flat bike route that passes through old villages and undisturbed countryside. The route ends in Palomas on the coast of Spain.

The La Rioja is a wonderful bike trail if you want to pass through some famous wineries of Spain. The Sierra Cantabria Mountains are also visible on this trail which provides for a nice scenic experience. Clearly there are several bike trails of different lengths to choose from, so if you are heading to Spain and want to go on a bike ride, you have many choices.