Best Bike Tours of Spain

Spain is a very cycling-friendly country with a spectacular cycling heritage. Spain is a country of great diversity and scope for the cyclist, and it has everything that a biker could want — quiet roads, cycle trails, amazing weather, forever-changing landscapes, flat valleys, challenging mountains, and of course, world famous cultural and architectural sights. Spain offers several different types of bike tours, as well.

There are guided tours, self-guided tours, luxury tours, and even bike races. If you’re a biker and have never visited Spain, it is a must! There is just something about Spain that makes it fun and culture friendly, especially for tourists. If you’re interested in visiting Spain for some serious cycling, here are the best bike tours to partake in.

Sierra Nevada

Based in the center of the gorgeous city of Granada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this guided bike tour takes you on four varied, scenic and challenging loop rides on local roads. Bike tours take place in the morning and end early afternoon, giving you ample time to relax, recover, and enjoy the wonderful city. Being that its a short tour of about five days, it strongly appeals to those who are looking to get some good, quality riding in on challenging roads over an elongated weekend. The loops take you out of Granada onto the super silky asphalt roads, passing olive and orange groves. As for a final test on the last day of biking, you ascend the infamous “Pico Veleta” of the Sierra Nevada, which is Europe’s highest road. You also get the chance to ride other famous local climbs and the roads where the pros get to train.

White Villages

On this self-guided tour, you get to cycle the beautiful white villages of Andalucia from royal Granada and you also get to bike to El Torcal, El Chorro, and the Caminito Del Rey’s amazing sites while riding past sparkling lakes and gorges, while enjoying the tapas on the way. This bike tour has a huge landscape and anyone who’s an avid reader, cyclist, and historian will absolutely love it. On this tour, you get to pass by Ancient Antequera, with its Neolithic burial tombs and wonderful Alcazar fortress and then you venture further into inland Spain, cycling to discover traditional white villages against green fields. You also get the chance to sample Spanish Tapas treats while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Famous El Chorro gorge walkway. You finish up the tour by going through the town of Ronda, where Victorian poets, Romance writers, brave bullfighters, and modern moviemakers met. Ronda is the perfect storybook ending to a cycling adventure.

Bikers love challenging landscapes and mountain climbing!
Bikers love challenging landscapes and mountain climbing!

Quiet Paths

On this serene self-guided tour, you get to explore tranquil rural Andalucian countryside. This is a nature lover’s paradise mixed with some great accommodation, Andalucia. The tour starts off biking past Roman thermal waters, Arabic baths, wide open skies, curving roads past tranquil olive groves, shepherds guiding flocks and into quiet town centres where locals stroll in the late afternoon sun. There’s really no better way to enjoy all the town has to offer than to cycle to the classic city of Granada to visit all of the alluring palaces, cathedrals, and walkways. For the biker, it offers enough challenge with its filly landscape, but extremely quiet roads. The vistas from the bike here are some of the most attractive in the whole region of Andalucia and are pretty undiscovered by mass tourism. This is a lovely tour to embark on.

Sports Tours

On this self-guided tour, you get to ride the roads of the area where Cycling Country, one of the best Spanish bike touring companies, is based. Starting out from Alhama de Granada, you get to explore the scenic area with a number of loop rides to nearby national parks and small villages. The mountain scenery combined with open expanses makes for some gorgeous views. Alhama, itself, is a wonderful place to be based with its wide range of bars and restaurants, the amazing gorge to explore, and the natural hot baths to soak in. After time is spent in the rural setting of Alhama, you head off onto your other travels, or continue the tour for another couple of days, which includes the grand city of Granada, which is home of the Alhambra Palace. From there, the tour is much similar to the Sierra Nevada tour, where you get to hike on one of the greatest climbs in the world.

Wrap Up

Biking has always been a great passion of mine. Ever since I was a little kid, I enjoyed riding my bicycle and traveling to other parts of the world to site-see. With bike tours, you get the best of both worlds. When I am not biking, I enjoy yoga and anything that I can compete in against others. Competitive games are my favorite, such as Chess, Twenty-one, and Spades. Nothing else gets me fired up! However, biking will always come first in my heart. I can’t wait to explore as many bicycle tours as I can over the next several years! Cheers to biking!