Month: May 2018

The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is essential any kind of cycling that is done on a stationary bike and of course indoors. It is typically done in a group class. The focus of the class is to develop endurance through interval and strength training with the use of a stationary bike. The bike used in indoor cycling is […]

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The Difference Between a Road Bike and a Mountain Bike

People know that there is a difference between the various types of bikes that you can ride, but they do not know what the exact difference is and what makes the bikes different from each other. They are designed for different types of rides, of course mountain bikes are made to be ridden in the […]

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Cool Mountain Bike Trails to Try in The United States

Regardless of your preferred terrain, flow, and distance, the US has some of the best mountain bike trails you can find. From steep climbs up the hills to challenging tight bends, every request dexterity, stamina, and grit. The rocks, roots, and streams determine the speed and accessibility of your ride. Here are some cool mountain […]

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